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 Neighboring towns and villages 

From Bocchetta or Castagnola, down, along the flow of the River Lemme to Basaluzzo
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The Lemme Valley originates at the Bocchetta Pass.
If you are arriving from the south, dazed from the traffic of the city of Genoa you have just left behind or from the north, after the turns you faced to arrive in a few minutes from the Po Valley to 772 meters up the hill, hardly you stop for a moment to think what meant the way of Vallemme for the Republic of Genoa in the years that followed the conquest of overseas lands; you plunge hurried and distracted in the green of which the valley is immerse.
This site aims to help raise awareness about these landscapes and countries; following the river Lemme, starting precisely from the Bocchetta, down, down to traverse the various countries that flank it: Voltaggio, Carrosio, Gavi (which is the biggest center), San Cristoforo, Francavilla, Basaluzzo end other
neighboring towns and villages of the valley.






vallemme.info, the website aims to provide information and news on the Lemme Valley: countries, history, all that concern it, accompanied by lots of photos ... and much more.
This is not a commercial site, anyone can contribute with material suitable to enrich the site and make it interesting. Please get in touch by e-mail.

The Vallemme is characterized by a series of green hills and mountains,  sometime brilliant, sometime somber, furrowed by fresh and meandering rivers and dotted here and there by modern towns and countries where time seems to stand still.
The beauty of these places evokes a mood of nostalgia for a cleaner world.
The large views imprint a feeling of peace, and it is with amazement that the sudden appearance of an ominous castle with thick walls and strong towers reminds us of hardships these people have faced over the centuries ahead against fierce invaders or greedy and ruthless rulers.
At the first meeting, the visitor is surprised by the contrast between warlike appearance and countryside tranquility of the area; and the purpose of this guide is to help you learn more about the reality of the Valley and some of its neighboring towns worthy of interest.
The chestnut and oak with their chiaroscuro spots of shade and sun seem impenetrable from far away, but turn out to be friendly and perfumed wich enters you for a healthy walk; the gentle slopes of the meadows and vineyards crops are lined with walking paths and trails that lead to the flourishing farms and villages up on the mountain top where towering steeples and where you'll enjoy priceless views.

Thanks to the soil, particularly favorable climate and absolutely ideal; but above all thanks to the tenacity of man who has managed to create a wealth of these natural quality, the vine grows easily and rewards the hard work and industriousness of the inhabitants with the crop of prized grapes that, with wise vinification, make famous wines internationally known as:  "Gavi", "Barbera", "Dolcetto", "Freisa", "Muscat of Bosio," some sparkling "Champenois method", and other red and white table wines, all strictly D.O.C.
After talking of wine, we do not forget about the other wealth of the valley, that are its spring waters, often with mineral properties.
Typical of the Val Lemme, in addition to wines, are the famous "Amaretti di Gavi" and "Amaretti di Voltaggio", a typical sweet, based on almonds, distinguished by the deliciously soft inner pulp.
Other specialties are  "Canestrelli"  and various handcrafted sweets; the most pure and precious honey and rice cakes from special recipes.
Important to remember are also the game in the hunting season, chestnuts and fruit in general throughout the year, the local mushrooms, both, of woodland and meadow.
Folklore and folk events mark the time between spring and fall, gathering in various countries residents and tourists in a festive atmosphere old-fashioned.
During religious celebrations there are often processions where the famous and symbolic "Christs" of ancient brotherhoods are also transported through the streets.

INDIRIZZI UTILI  Useful Adresses

Alessandria: Piazza Libertà 22 - tel. 0131-3041
Novi Ligure: Via P. Isola 22 - tel. 0143-2107
Comunità Montana:
Bosio: Piazza Repubblica 2 - tel. 0143-684220
Ente Provinciale Turismo:
Via Savona 26 - tel. 0131/51021-53656 - Alessandria
Gavi : Piazza Dante 3 - tel. 0143/642708
Mornese: Via De Gasperi 29 - tel. 0143-87423
Voltaggio: Via Provinciale 9 - tel. 010-9301216
Corpo Forestale:
Ovada: Lung'Orba Mazzini 95/2 - tel. 0143-81540
Serravalle Scrivia: Via Berthoud 59 - tel. 0143-61066
Soccorso Pubblico: tel. 113
Soccorso A.C.I. : tel. 116
Guardia Medica:
Gavi: tel. 0143-743271
Ovada: tel. 0143-81777

Novi Ligure: Via E. Raggio 12 - tel. 0143-743271
Ovada: Via XXV Aprile 22 - tel. 0143-80319
C.R.I. e Croce Verde:
Gavi: Piazza Dante  2 - tel.0143-643612
Bosio: Via Umberto I, 37 - tel. 0143-684131
Carrosio: c/o Municipio
Mornese: Piazza A. Doria - tel. 0143/87410-87423
Voltaggio: c/o AVIS - Via Anfosso 40 - tel. 010-9301214
Poste e Telegrafi:
Bosio: Via Gavi - tel. 0143-6841 16
Carrosio: Via G.C. Odino 47 - tel. 0143-683125
Fraconalto: Frazione Castagnola - tel. 010-930946
Lerma: Via Spinola 12 - tel. 0143-877119
Mornese: Via Roma 4 - tel. 0143-87417
Tagliolo Monferrato: Via Roma 4 - tel. 0143-89175
Voltaggio: P.zza Martiri della Benedicta - tel. 010-9301228
C.I.T. - V.le Rimembranza 62- tel. 0143-743681- Novi L.
S.A.A.M.O. - Via Rebba 28 - tel. 0143-80428 - Ovada

   Neighboring towns and villages

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