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Francavilla Bisio

   ...down towards the plain.
C.A.P .: 15060 - Tel. Code: 0143 Altitude: 160 m s.l.m.
Population 412 (700 in summer)
Town Hall: Via Roma - tel. 50122
Distance from Gavi: about 5 minutes by car

As we said, here Vallemme loses its mountainous character of Apennine hills, gradually turns into plateau and gently die in the Val d'Orba next to the Pianura Padana.


Leaving Gavi to the outlet in the lower Val d'Orba, about 5 Km comes Francavilla Bisio with its beautiful castle overlooking the surrounding plains.
Francavilla Bisio was born, as well as the fortress, for the spacious green areas that accompany the torrrente Lemme and the watersprings rich of magnesium. At 160 meters above sea level, it spreads over an area of 780 hectares and has a population of about 400 inhabitants, the village lies on the right bank of the Lemme


The Castle of Francavilla Bisio dates from the fourteenth century.
He had a military garrison functions with strong defensive structures in the sixteenth.
Owned by the Marquis of Gavi, he gave it to the Abbey of Rivalta Bormida as a gift.
It was later held by Spinola, then the Grillo.
In 1708 with the Peace of Vienna it became  territory of Savoy and Guasco were its vassals.

  Il Castello
  La Chiesa Parrocchiale
  Parrocchia di San Giovanni Battista

   Neighboring towns and villages

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