Purpose of the site

This is a set of home-made Web Sites, made to help who desires to know more about the south of  Piemonte.
I wish Gavi, Alto Monferrato
, Langhe-Roero and Basso Piemonte to be known all around the world.
I've seen many nice places over the world and these are part of them
. The site gavinternational is in English and tell about Gavi, the location, the history, its famous white wine and more.
 vallemme.info, valborbera.info, valscrivia.info, valdorba.info, valbormida.info, valcurone.info, takes you to the wonderful  river's valleys of the south Piemonte. You'll also find a guide to the hotels, the restaurants, the meeting points for your amusements in this area of Italy.       
The site gavi-winetcetera.com and wineproducers.info
tell you about the wines: typology, origin, description and photos of the vineyards, the addresses of the producers.


This is e free service!   I have been traveling a lot round the world and from my own experience, I well know how difficult it is when you visit a country to find what you are looking for or buy originals local things. Without the help of somebody who knows the place, that you can trust, you lose your temper, time, money, and you probably don't get what you want. Even elementary things, becomes complicate, like to have a good typical food, to find a comfortable  hotel, go shopping or buy a good bottle of wine from the producer.
I give my help freely, because I want to promote
this beautiful Region Piemonte and its landscape, the food and the famous wines. I wish that everyone could come and see a part of Italy that's not been valorized yet. This part of the country is not so well known like some other famous locations in Italy, but I can guaranty, that there are a lot of beautiful scenery in our neighborhood you don't expect to see. You'll be surprised to discover how many monuments and castles, with their own history, there are around here.


If you are interested to know more of Gavi, Alto Monferrato, Barolo and Langhe, theirs wines, the viticulture, the history, the monuments, the landscape,
make contact with me by e-mail or with the Form.

I'll help you  to visit Alto Monferrato, the Langhe-Roero, Basso Piemonte and Appennino Ligure.
I'll assist you to discover the beautiful Lemme's valley and the other valleys of Piemonte. 

Elidio Bodrato
Loc. Baracchino   15

Gavi (Alessandria) Italy
Tel./Fax. 0039/0143-642267
E-Mail: elidio@aruba.it    elidio@elidio.com



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