Langhe & Roero, Alto Monferrato, Basso Piemonte.

Visit a part of Italy  very picturesque and interesting, rich of culture history and art. Asti, Barolo, Barbaresco, Alba; well known cities, not only thanks to their famous wine and truffles, but they also have always amazed tourists coming to appreciate the territory of Langhe-Roero, Alto Monferrato, Low Piedmont and the West of Liguria; thanks to its salubrious climate and its local traditional cuisine that make use of the gifts of nature.



Suggest where to eat and drink and where to buy the best things. indicate interesting things to see and where to stay are all part of the ambitious purpose behind the Sites to which I dedicate mainly of my spare time as hobby.

Low Piedmont,  Langhe and Roero, Alto Monferrato and West Liguria - Regions very bound together by historical, cultural, tourist and characteristic links - are the limited but extremely rich field of action in which, day by day, in my free time I look for  “Good Addresses” for hospitality, cuisine and wines.

These Sites do not give votes and not establish a classification: my only presumption is to offer the reader calm and objective information, address for address, to permit him to make the best choice. Feel free to mention my name and to e-mail for help, it is not necessary to pay or to make any commitments whatsoever for pick information from this Guide. Selection is based exclusively on the fact that the hotel, restaurant, pizzeria, shop, craftsman or producer offers the certainty of a warm welcome, genuine products and reasonable prices.

After the indications, given from specific topic, region, town by town (As you see the sites are brand new at their beginning )  going through the Guide the reader will find notes on producers (divided for region). All the Good Addresses and cellar are given, sector for sector, together with coloured maps indicating the localities.

The sites below will give you useful informations about the city of Gavi, Gavi wine, the wineproducers, The valley of Lemme, Borbera, Scrivia and the zone of Alto Monferrato; how to arrive here and why do come here.    gavi international is a Site in English.

























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